Honors and Awards

African American Studies Awards

The AAST has a number of student awards we give out each year:

Conseula Francis Outstanding Student Award

This award recognizes graduating seniors in the major. Recognition is based on grade point average in the major and overall grades earned at the College of Charleston as well as extra-curricular activities that distinguish the award recipient.

African American Studies Community Activism Award

This award recognizes the outstanding service of an AAST major/minor to improve the campus or broader community with respect to issues around racial equality and social justice. [self-nomination/faculty nomination]

  • 2019 recipient: La'Nasa Clarkson nad Quinci Proctor-Guyton
  • 2018 recipient: La'Nasa Clarkson
  • 2017 recipient: Chantelle Lebeau
  • 2016 recipient: Ansley Pope

African American Studies Rising Scholar Award

This award recognizes outstanding academic achievement by a sophomore or junior AAST major or minor. [faculty nomination]

  • 2019 recipient: Jazmine Dinkins and Quincie Proctor-Guyton
  • 2018 recipient: Ayana Walker
  • 2017 recipient: Lanasa Clarkson
  • 2016 recipient: Aisha Gallion

African American Studies Outstanding Senior Scholar Award

This award recognizes the graduating senior who best exemplifies the passionate commitment to inquiry that promotes significant academic achievement and the intellectual curiosity that lead to the development and pursuit of wide-ranging interests. [faculty nomination]

  • 2019 recipient: Courtney Hicks and Ethan Davis
  • 2018 recipient: Chantelle Lebeau
  • 2017 recipient: Ashley Padilla
  • 2016 recipient: Brandon Chapman

African American Studies Capstone Project Award

This award recognizes the senior or seniors whose final projects exhibit outstanding interdisciplinary intellectual inquiry into some aspect of African American history and culture, or race in the United States. [committee chooses among the capstone projects]

  • 2019 recipient: Courtney Hicks
  • 2018 recipient: Chantelle Lebeau
  • 2017 recipient: Aisha Gallion
  • 2016 recipients: Brandon Chapman and Ansley Pope

Bernard E. Powers Writing Award in African American Studies
This award recognizes writing achievement by a student enrolled in a course that counts for AAST credit. Students do not have to be AAST majors/minors. Essays submitted should be at least 4 pages. [self-nomination/faculty nomination]

  • 2019 recipient: Karolyn Brown
  • 2018 recipient: Isabel Johnston

African American Studies Research Travel Award
This award goes to an AAST major/minor whose proposal is accepted for presentation at the annual National Council of Black Studies meeting. [self-nomination]