African American Studies

African American Studies began as a discipline formally with a student strike at San Francisco State in 1968.  Students demanded that the history and culture of black Americans be included as part of the curriculum and intellectual life on their campus.
The African American Studies Program at the College of Charleston carries on that legacy.  Offering both an interdisciplinary major and minor, the program focuses on the study of African American experiences.  African American Studies aims to provide students an understanding of the history and culture of African Americans; to introduce students to the diversity of African American experiences in a variety of disciplines; to promote the study of African American history and culture in the larger community; and to make African American Studies an integral part of intellectual life at the College of Charleston.

Students with degrees in African American Studies pursue careers in various areas, such as law, politics, medicine, art, teaching, entertainment, and journalism.

Mari Crabtree The Department of African American Studies at Princeton University has selected Professor Mari N. Crabtree to be an Associate Research Scholar for the 2019–2020 academic year. She will spend next year revising her book manuscript, My Soul is a Witness: Lynching and Southern Memory, 1940–1970, which is under contract with the New Directions in Narrative History Series at Yale University Press. The postdoctoral fellowship will also support research for her next book project, which explores subterfuge and deception as strategies for critiquing white supremacy within the African American protest tradition. In addition to participating in colloquia, seminars, and lectures sponsored by Princeton’s Department of African American Studies, she will deliver a public lecture on her research.


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