Anthony Greene

Associate Professor, African American Studies

Address: ECTR 207-C
Office Hours: T/R: 12:30-2:30; Wed: 2:30-3:30
Phone: 843.953.1018
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Dr. Anthony D. Greene is an Associate Professor with the African American Studies program and the Department of Sociology at the College of Charleston. He specializes in race-ethnic relations and cultural and ethnic identity.


Dr. Greene received his B.A. in Sociology and African American Studies and his MA in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. He earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Miami in 2008.

Research Interests

Dr. Greene’s current areas of research include race-ethnicity, cultural and ethnic identity among the U.S. Black populations. Current works, as well as a recent publication, focus on Black identity among African American and Caribbean Black populations.  A published article entitled Black Like Me: An Examination of Cultural Identity among African Americans and Second-Generation Caribbean Blacks examines the current state of black identity and the Black experience in the U.S.  The article maintains these groups’ ideas about blackness have redefined the black experience and how the Black experience shouldn’t be equated with the American Black experience.  Other recent scholarship includes a recently completed book chapter for the forthcoming edited volume entitled Contemporary African Families: Achievements, Challenges, and Empowerment Strategies in the 21st Century.  The chapter examines the racial and ethnic socialization process among various Black populations and how these messages are internalized in that young adults are able to handle the stresses of such social experiences as racial discrimination.

 His ongoing research includes several empirical analyses that continue to focus on Black identity.  There are two co-authored articles that highlight the nexus between social class and attitudes about social inequality among African Americans and Whites, as well as African Americans and Black immigrants.  There’s also an ongoing piece that investigates how the perception of discrimination impacts social psychological factors (i.e., social anxiety, depressive symptoms, self-esteem) among Black subgroups in the U.S.

Over the last year, his grown more interested in the portrayal of African Americans in various media outlets (social media, news, television/film).  He’s particularly interested in the continued negative displays of African Americans in reality television, particularly women, and the continued demonizing of Black men (i.e., criminals) and the overall lack of balance of Black images in the media.

Courses Taught

He’s taught courses that include, but not limited to, Introduction to African American Studies, Race-Ethnic Relations, Black Images in the Media, Readings in African American Social Science Research, *Blackface in the Global Imaginary, and *Comparative Black Identity.  He’s also taught various Sociology courses that include Introduction to Sociology, Marriage and Family, and American Minority Groups.

*Courses taught during the AAST Barbados-Carolina Connection Study Abroad Program 2014.

Honors and Awards

  • 2010  Outstanding Faculty Award Nominee – University of North Carolina at Charlotte Annual Black Student Union Awards.

  • 2009  Greek Excellence in Teaching Award – University of North Carolina at Charlotte Annual Faculty Recognition Awards, Office of Student Affairs: Greek Life.

  • 2007  Outstanding Teacher Assistant Award – University of Miami, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Sociology.


Peer Reviewed

2013    Jason E. Shelton and Anthony D. Greene. "Get Up, Get Out, & Git Sumthin': How Race and Class Influence African Americans Attitudes about Inequality." American Behavioral Scientist Special Edition, Forthcoming.

2010    Schwartz, Seth, J., Weisskirch, Robert S., Hurley, Eric A., Zamboanga, Byron L., Park, Irene J. K., Kim, Su Young, Umaña-Taylor, Adriana, Castillo, Linda G., Brown, Elissa, Greene, Anthony D.  “Communalism, Familism, and Filial Piety: Are They Birds of a Collectivist Feather?”  Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 16(4):548-560.

2006    Mickelson, Roslyn A. and Anthony D. Greene. “Connecting the Pieces of the Puzzle:  Exploring the Sources of Gender Differences in African American Middle School Students’ Academic Performance.” Journal of Negro Education, 75(1): 34 - 48.

2005    Jomills H. Braddock, Jan Sokol-Katz, Anthony D. Greene, and Lorrine Basinger Fleischman. “Uneven Playing Fields: State Variations in Boys’ and Girls’ Access to and Participation in High School Interscholastic Sports.” Sociological Spectrum, 25: 231-250.

Commissioned Papers

2011    Greene, Anthony.  “Saving Our Sons: African American Males as a Dying Breed in America’s Schools.  Urban League of Charlotte: State of Ethnic Charlotte.

2008    Shelton, Jason E. and Anthony D. Greene. “Blacks and Latinos: Demographic and Educational Trends”: A Commissioned Paper for the Southern Education Foundation.      

Papers in Progress

Manuscript submitted for publication

Greene, Anthony D., Seth Schwartz, and Shi Huang.  “Black Like Me? An Examination of Cultural Identity among African Americans and Second-Generation Caribbean Blacks.”  Submitted to Journal of Black Studies.

Greene, Anthony D and Aerika Brittain. “Ethnic Notions: Ethnic Notions: Perceptions of Discrimination and the Role of Ethnic Identity among African Americans and Caribbean Blacks.” Submitted to Journal of Black Studies.

Manuscripts in preparation

Greene, Anthony D. Greene & Prioleau, Natalie.  Educational Attitudes and Achievement with the Black Population.  An Examination of Caribbean Blacks and African Americans.

Greene, Anthony D., Stephanie Southworth, Roslyn A. Mickelson.“ Resistance and Opposition to Schooling: An Empirical Investigation of Adolescent Males' Educational Attitudes and Academic Performance.

Greene, Anthony. Deactivating Black Male Hypersexuality: Denzel Washington and the Makings of a Sex Symbol without Sex.

Greene, Anthony.  The British Are Coming: The Influx of British Born Black Actors and  Their Impact in Hollywood.

Greene, Anthony D. and Jason Shelton. Obama’s (Black) America: An Analysis of the Social Class Divide in Black America for Support of Barack Obama.

Greene, Anthony.  Tracking Work: Race-Ethic Variation in Placement and Consequences for Academic and Career Outcomes.

Book Reviews

Greene, Anthony D. [Review of Book: The Political Use of Racial Narratives: School Desegregation in Mobile, Alabama, 1954-97; Richard A. Pride. 2002]. Teachers College Record. April 14, 2009.