Port of Entry: An African American Studies Podcast

Charleston, South Carolina was a major hub of the Trans-Atlantic trade in enslaved Africans. Scholars estimate that around 40% of all enslaved Africans that entered what would become the United States did so through Charleston Harbor. It is the port of entry for enumerable familial lines of enslaved African descent.

Port of Entry: An African American Studies Podcast is a series sponsored by the African American Studies Program in collaboration with Dr. Michael Overholt of the Teaching and Learning Team at the College of Charleston. Port of Entry promotes the culture, history, and lived experiences of people of African descent in the Carolina Lowcountry and beyond. Stay tuned for episodes that explore new scholarship, programs and events in African American Studies, notable figures and facts, and the achievements of our faculty, students, and alumni.

Port of Entry, (August 19, 2019) Episode 1: “Alumni Spotlight--Olivia Williams and that viral Washington Post article!”

Port of Entry, (September 13, 2019) Episode 2: "DNA Doesn't Lie"

Port of Entry, (September 25, 2019) Episode 3: "Music and the Black Experience” 

Port of Entry, (October 24, 2019) Episode 4: "Reimagining the Middle Passage" 

Port of Entry, (November 12, 2019) Episode 5: "The Issues of Females"

Port of Entry, (November 22, 2019) Episode 6: "Ancestries of Enslavement: A Dialogue with Scholars”