Program Information

Offering one of the newest majors on campus, the African American Studies program utilizes an engaged, interdisciplinary faculty who are committed to academic excellence and social responsibility. Drawing from courses in 9 different academic disciplines (African American Studies, as well as anthropology, sociology, English, political science, education, theater, history, religious studies, and psychology), the program in African American Studies asks students and faculty to think seriously about African American history and culture, and about the challenges and opportunities of living and working in a multi-ethnic world.

Students majoring in African American Studies will gain knowledge of African American history and culture, knowledge of the history and function of race in American society, and an ability to work with diverse populations and engage diverse ideas. The breadth of study provided by a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences combined with the depth of study and application of skills provided by the African American Studies program will yield highly marketable graduates.  

African American Studies is also offered as an interdisciplinary minor focused on the study of the African American experience which aims to provide students an understanding of the history and culture of African Americans and to introduce students to the diversity of African American experience in a variety of disciplines. Students who minor in African American Studies can acquire careers in the field as teachers, in community development, in social service agencies and in public administration. Students who minor in African American Studies also gain excellent preparation for graduate and professional school.